Hinton’s Capsules, LAS, and PixelCNN

This week’s topic is about the idea of Hinton’s capsules, LAS (Listen, Attend and Spell) and PixelCNN. The reading for Hinton’s capsule that I’ve linked is a blog and you only need to understand the intuition behind it. If you want to read more about it, I’ve also linked the paper as well. LAS is an interesting paper that should introduce you to the idea of encoder-decoder architectures in speech recognition. The last paper for this week is PixelCNN. This paper is worth checking out because the intuition of it is also used in an architecture that is will be mentioned in the following week.

Blog: (1)
“Understanding Hinton’s Capsule Networks. Part I: Intuition”

Papers: (3)
“Dynamic Routing Between Capsules”

“Listen, Attend and Spell “

“Conditional Image Generation with
PixelCNN Decoders”