The LaSSoftE lab involves undergraduate students in developing software for socially-aware causes. Our current projects are:

  1. Software development for Treasure Box Braille, a hardware device that teaches kids to read Braille (in collaboration with the PiET lab):
  2. Software development for TalkBox, a hardware device that allows non-verbal individuals to communicate (in collaboration with the PiET lab): Under initial development.

If you are an undergraduate student that is interested in developing software for social causes, and would like to be involved with these projects, please feel free to contact us.


Vassilios Tzerpos is the director of the LaSSoftE lab, and a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in the Lassonde School of Engineering.




Rabia is a 4th year undergraduate student studying Software Engineering at Lassonde. She was the main developer of the Authoring App for the Treasure Box Braille project.




Dyllan is a 2nd year undergraduate student studying computer science at Lassonde. They joined LaSSoftE to contribute to the community
by helping to develop software for social causes. Their current research interests are in transfer learning and its potential applications. They also foster cats in their spare time.